Buying Modafinil without prescription, its uses, dosage

Modafinil is a eugeronic agent. It is a wakefulness promoter. It is in use for treatments like sleep disorders, narcolepsy. Because of its cognition enhancing ability, it has widespread off-label sale. In some countries its usage and availability is restricted because of its high addiction potential. Without a prescription it is not sold and legally restricted.

Modafinil has become very popular in the drug community because of its ability to produce high cognition. Like other central nervous system stimulants, it won’t produce any agitation. It works similar to other psychostimulants.

Nowadays Modafinil can be easily purchased off-label without prescription through online-pharmacies; OTC (over-the-counter). Still in some countries, there is no prescription requirement for Modafinil.

Off-label use of Modafinil is increased in recent years. It is mostly used by individuals suffering from depression and multiple sclerosis. Usage of off-label drugs is common nowadays. But it has been increased significantly in case of Modafinil.


Modafinil is should be given only in case of narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome. But even for patients who are not suffering from this disorder are prescribed with Modafinil. If they exhibit similar symptoms of narcolepcy then doctors give them Modafinil.

There are many indirect ways to promote and market drugs. Manufacturers find all these ways through doctors and nurses. This is how the off-label use of a drug begins.

Off-label uses:

  • Modafinil is given for relief from Jet lag
  • It is given to Parkinson’s patients
  • Widely used for depression
  • In curing the patients having cocaine addiction
  • Memory syndrome caused by age
  • To recover from grogginess, caused by anesthesia
  • In cancer patients, having fatigue after chemotherapy treatment
  • Individuals having attention deficit disorder
  • To come out of sleepiness caused by other drugs
  • In the recovery of fatigue caused by over work pressure and extended duration of work
  • Fatigue experience by students who study for long hours



Extra care should be taken and desired tests should be done before going for modafinil. There are chances that one may experience allergies due to this.

One should give all the details about their health conditions to the doctor before going to start modafinil. Following health conditions should be informed to the physician.

  • If the patient is suffering from kidney related issues
  • He was a patient of psychosis earlier or has a history of mental illness
  • He has symptoms of chest pain
  • If he is addicted to alcohol or drug
  • If he is already diagnosed with liver issues like cirrhosis
  • If he is a heart patient
  • If he is suffering from high blood pressure
  • If the patient is a pregnant women or she is planning to have a baby

How to take: The dose should be followed as mentioned by physician. Larger or even small dose than prescribed can be harmful. Modafinil is known as a habit –forming drug. So it should not be shared without doctor’s intermission to someone who has a history of drug addiction.



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