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5 Key Tips for Cracking JEE Main Entrance Exam

If you are one of them, who is interested to get into Engineering Program in Prestigious IIT, IIITs, NITs, then JEE Main Entrance Exam is a mandate for you. IIT – JEE is the ellipsis for The Indian Institute of Technology-Joint Entrance Examination. It is an admission test to enter into Engineering Programs in India. The JEE exam can be appeared for by Indians and foreign nationals seeking admissions to Engineering Programs in IIT.


JEE is a 3-hour test, that comprises of 90-multiple questions across 3 areas of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics equally distributed as 30 questions for each section. Each correct answer will have 4 points added, each incorrect answer will have 1/4th point deducted and no answer has no plus or minus points. JEE is held in the month of April, where lakhs of aspirant’s attempt this exam every year. The JEE Mains 2016 Answer Key is released after the examination.

The following are the Top 5 Tips, a student must follow before appearing JEE Main;

1.Start Early Preparation: If you are interested to get into IIT, you must start preparing for JEE Main right from standard 10th. You need to collect all previous question papers to prepare thoroughly. You can collect up to 20 to 30 years’ previous question papers to solve and get a good exposure. There are also mock tests available for free on JEE website. With these preparations, you can have an insight into the type of questions that appear and time management.


2. Prioritize the Subjects: Identify the subjects you are weak at. You need to prioritize based on toughest subject allotting more time to prepare. Do not keep the same subject for the entire day, that can make it monotonous. Keep at least 2 subjects per day.


3. Focus on Key Topics: In a subject, each topic carries different marks. Some sections carry more weightage and some less. For example, the theory in Physics carry 80% weightage and practical just 20%. So you need to focus more on topics carrying maximum weightage. Get hold of previous year papers, answer keys, etc.


4. Work on Basics: Make sure you are very strong in basics. Try to solve lower level question papers to strengthen your basics. You may ignore basics thinking it’s too simple. But a strong basics makes the rest of the knowledge easier.


5. Believe in Yourself: Last but never the least, trust yourself completely. Think and imagine not just ‘I can do it’ but ‘I will do it’. Even the top sportsmen believe in sayings ‘Chase your Dreams’ Dream Big, Sky is the Limit. When you trust yourself that you can do it, you will do it. You can come out with flying colours. As there is a philosophical saying, ‘Faith can move mountains’.


Word from Rank Holders

Some of the top rank holders in JEE also insist on these above points. They also take help of coaching institutes. There are many good coaching institutes in market, you need to select the best one to get the best coaching. They also insist in studying and getting well-versed with NCERT books that will strengthen the basic concepts and help you stay confident.  Initially, when you start you must at least dedicate 2 to 3 hours per day exclusively for the preparation of JEE Main. Later, you can increase it to 5 hours a day.

You need to start off with the help of a time-table. By preparing a time-table, you can organize and systematize your study methods. You don’t need to remind yourself every time about the subjects, by following the set time-table.

Lastly, the top scorers insist on this point – Stay Calm and Confident. This is the Key mantra for Success.